Thursday, June 11, 2015

Luxurious swimming pool SYD-31--PURE AWESOMENESS AND ATTRACTIVENESS--hot tub Swimming pool SYD-31

Luxurious swimming pool SYD-3

Standard features:
Model No.: Luxurious swimming pool SYD-31
Name:Luxurious swimming pool, Swimming pool&spa
Size(mm): 5660*2260*1215mm
Size(inches): 223"*89"*47.9"
People Capacity: 5(4-seating, 1-reclining positions)+Swimming Pool
Shell's material: Acrylic&reinforced fiberglass
Skirt: PS plastic skirt
Skirt's color:  Grey, Brown, Walnut, Sand
Stainless steel bottom shelf:1set
Rated Power(kw):13kw
Packing size: 5800*1350*2350mm
Digital control panel:2sets
Electronic control system:2sets
Whirlpool massage pump:1set*2hp/set
Whirlpool massage pump:3set*3hp/set
Circulating pump:1set*0.5hp/set
Circulating pump:1set*1hp/set
Air blower pump:1set*0.7kw/set
Underwater LED SPA light:1set
Cartridge filter:2sets
Popup Speakers:2pcs
Voltage&frequency:220-240v/50-60hz, 380v/50hz
Whirlpool massage jets:59pcs
Bubble jets:10pcs
Backwater(DN40) :2pcs
Backwater(DN50) :5pcs
Bottom drain:2pcs
Air control valve :4sets
Pillow :5pcs
Water fountain :3pcs
Optional Extras:
Heater  (8kw)
Skirt (PS plastic skirt)
Skirt  (Hemlock wooden skirt)
Skirt (Stone skirt)
Heat insulation  (Foaming on the Spa shell)
Heat insulation  ( Heat insulation layer)
Cover (Spa cover)
Music (CD player)
Music (Mp3 player)
Radio (on the skirt)
Powerpack (Balboa control system)
Powerpack (Balboa digital system)
Blower (CG, 1.1kw)
Waterfall( crystal waterfall )
Speakers( 2 pcs on the skirt )
Radio (on the skirt)
Video  (DVD player)
Step (87cm,PS plastic)
Step  (87cm,Hemlock wooden)
Stair  (Hemlock,two sides)
Stair (PS plastic,two sides)
lighting (33pcs LED lamp beads)